ECG Dongle, ECG Dongle Full, CardioCloud
Summary of health products
  1. Can I buy the device in cash and how to do it?  
  2. Can I order a device by Russian mail? How will I pay?  
  3. Can I pick up the device after payment?  
  4. Can I trust the doctors who performs the study?  
  5. Can I use disposable electrodes?  
  6. Do you plan to develop autonomous ECG analysis systems without being tied to the cloud service?  
  7. How can I get information on ordering the device?  
  8. How do I enter a coupon code?  
  9. How do I subscribe to Full Automated ECG analysis?  
  10. How do I turn off automatic payment for a full automatic ECG analysis subscription?  
  11. How does the delivery work?  
  12. How many leads does the device take?  
  13. How much do additional OTG, lead cables, electrodes cost and where to buy them?  
  14. How much is the device shipping?  
  15. How to change the linked card?  
  16. How to check that your device supports OTG?  
  17. How to connect the device to a smartphone or tablet?  
  18. How to fix the electrodes?  
  19. How to save the results to PDF format?  
  20. Is it possible to refuse to pay for a research and to give the cardiogram to another doctor?  
  21. Is there an app for iPhone / iPad and which versions of operating systems are supported?  
  22. No app in Google Play Market. What should I do?  
  23. The application cannot be downloaded. What should I do?  
  24. What additional costs may be asked?  
  25. What does the standard set include?  
  26. What is stress level and what does it need for?  
  27. What is the result of the paid research?  
  28. What is warranty period and what is not covered by warranty?  
  29. What should I do if the bank blocks automatic payment for subscription renewal?  
  30. What should I do if the electrodes fall off and how to look after them?  
  31. What should I do if the result of the research is not sent?  
  32. Where can I buy disposable electrodes and how much do they cost?  
  33. Where can I buy reusable electrodes and how much do they cost?  
  34. Which electrodes are included?  
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